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modify delete 25350 - from Alia , 15 y.o. (FRA) - 2017-08-28
Hockey : "Hi Everyone"

Hey everyone ,i know it's not a very common sport but is anyone interested in fieldhockey here ? ;)
Just wondering because i only see people talking about ice hockey haha

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modify delete 26199 - Reply from Nine , 14 y.o. (NED) - 2018-12-04

Bonjour Alia,
Je m'appelle Nine. Je suis au hockey. Je joue le hockey sur terrain et dans une salle de sport. Pour francais je dois trouver quelqu'en parler `a. Mon francais c'est ne pas bien. Mais je fais de mon mieux. Je l'espere que tu reponds!


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modify delete 25946 - Reply from Penny , 12 y.o. (AUS) - 2018-07-02

FIELD HOCKEY IS DA BOMB! honestly why do people even bother liking ice hockey.

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modify delete 25945 - Reply from Penny , 13 y.o. (AUS) - 2018-07-02


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modify delete 25842 - Reply from Emma , 13 y.o. (IRL) - 2018-04-30

I love, love, love field hockey! I kinda thought that's what everyone was taking about lol!!! I would love to talk to someone in a different country! xo

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modify delete 25830 - Reply from Breanna (USA) - 2018-04-25

hey girl! I actually played field hockey for like eight years!! I am more of an ice hockey fan but I love field hockey as well.

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modify delete 25570 - Reply from Allia , 11 y.o. (USA) - 2017-12-06

Yep!I love field hockey!Although its sad no one talks about it.

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modify delete 25530 - Reply from Elizabeth , 15 y.o. (USA) - 2017-11-25

I love playing field hockey it truly is better than ice hockey. I play for my school team during the season and on a club team during the rest of the year. I would love to talk to more people that play all around the world. It is a great sport and I hope that it becomes even more popular in the United States.

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modify delete 25502 - Reply from Jenna , 13 y.o. (GBR) - 2017-11-11

Hi I play hockey for a team and love it. And I don’t know why everyone talks about ice hockey because field hockey is way better !

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