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modify delete 26370 - from Coline , 15 y.o. (FRA) - 2019-04-07
Dance, Ballet : "KPOP"

I'm taking Jazz classes in France, and at home I'm learning and dancing some K-pop choreos. I loooooove that even though I still feel like it doesn't look great at all when I dance lmao..! I'd like to become a dancer in korea, but I know dancer's life there is kind of hard..! However I'd like to try many styles of dance such as contemporary, ballet, street jazz, break…

26370 -
modify delete 26729 - Reply from Mia , 17 y.o. (FRA) - 2020-02-23

Hey! Je viens aussi de france et j'adore la kpop dance 🌸 perso mon grp pref c'est stray kids ùais ma chorée fav c'est "dun dun" de everglow 😊 j'éspère que tu verras ce message :)

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