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Would you like to talk about your favourite animal? (advices, experience...)
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modify delete 35245 - from Isaiah210 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2021-10-15 >> NEW
Fox - "what fox do you like most?"

Which fox do you like more? Arctic fox or regular fox?

modify delete 35244 - from christian210 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2021-10-15 >> NEW
Dog - "Hello"

Hello i love dogs I have a american bully its having puppies

modify delete 35243 - from Amerie210 , 11 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2021-10-15 >> NEW
Cat - "Cats"

I love cats i have a cat named troubles!

modify delete 35241 - from lucas210 , 9 yrs (India) - 2021-10-15 >> NEW
Monkey - "im from india"

monkey is cool, india is cool.

modify delete 35240 - from swag210 , 14 yrs (Canada) - 2021-10-15 >> NEW
Monkey - "monkey"


modify delete 35237 - from Jack96 (Great Britain) - 2021-10-11 >> NEW
Owl - "OWLS!"

Hi, I love owls! They are so cute and fluffy and I even had one in my shoulder!


modify delete 35236 - from Dhananji135 , 23 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-10-11 >> NEW
Dog - "Hi"


modify delete 35235 - from moustipique221 (Virgin Islands US) - 2021-10-08 >> NEW
Mosquito - "je suis contre les moustiques."

il y a vraiment des gens qui aiment les moustiques ici?

modify delete 35233 - from anna210 (Australia) - 2021-09-29
Goat - "gaot"

I like goats

modify delete 35231 - from all210 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2021-09-29
Cat - "WOW"

my cat had 5 baby boys

modify delete 35230 - from aaron210 (Mexico) - 2021-09-29
Crocodile - "crocodile"

i think crocodile

modify delete 35229 - from Kirsten210 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-09-29
Dog - "HI"

Hi i love dogs i have 3!!!!

modify delete 35226 - from Juju61 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2021-09-29
Mole - "MOLES 4 LIFE"

I looove moles. Star nosed moles are so cute and i love their noses.

modify delete 35225 - from amelia199 , 15 yrs (France) - 2021-09-27
Dog - "hello"

hi !!!!!!

35225 -
modify delete 35227 - Reply from Jeeva 227 (India) - 2021-09-29


modify delete 35224 - from Piper Proudhawk208 (USA) - 2021-09-25
Horse - "star stable (;"

Hi i play star stables. if you do too maybe we can play it together. i have two maybe more places unlocked. i like to hang around the main arena. i don't have chat on it but we still

can ride around. Piper Proudhawk is my name in star stable. please no one older then 13


modify delete 35222 - from Graciane127 (Brazil) - 2021-09-24
Dog - "Dog"

I have a dog! Her name is Perola. I love her. She is a PUG.

modify delete 35217 - from Tamariska252 , 14 yrs (Indonesia) - 2021-09-21
Dog - "Dog breed"

My favourite dog breeds are the border collie, poodle, golden retriever, shetland sheepdog, and Siberian husky. They are so cute and smart. Maybe someday, I want to keep one of them as a pet.

modify delete 35212 - from Sejaan247 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-09-15
Wolf - "i would love to make friends from all around the world msg me."

i like wolfs too

modify delete 35211 - from alista122 , 17 yrs (Indonesia) - 2021-09-12
Snake - "hi"

I want to have a snake, but how do I ask permission from my parents??? I'm afraid they won't let me :'D

modify delete 35210 - from alista122 , 17 yrs (Indonesia) - 2021-09-12
Fish - "I like fish so much"

Hello friends, how are you? I just want to tell that I have a lot of fish, they are 5 molly fish, 3 betta fish and 2 redfin. If you like fish, what kind of fish do you like?

modify delete 35209 - from Heidi51 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2021-09-12
Cat - "my cats < 3"

I have 4 cats! First I have a cat named ronnieann, but I accidentally started calling her fat bitch.... anyways then I have fred who I named after fred weasley in harry potter. Then miguel who is very shy. Lastly my cat taj who I just got yesterday,

modify delete 35206 - from Paige139 (USA) - 2021-09-07
Snake - "Hi"

Orochimaru is my favorite character because he is basically a snake.

modify delete 35204 - from Amelia4 , 9 yrs (Great Britain) - 2021-09-04
Panda - "Pandas are the best"

Pandas are the best because they are so cute and how could anyone not like them! Did you know pandas rarely eat things that aren't bamboo!

modify delete 35202 - from Tamariska252 , 14 yrs (Indonesia) - 2021-09-03
Dog - ""Dogs""

hello, my name is Tamariska Christy. I like dogs. They are so cute. What is your favourite breed?

35202 -
modify delete 35205 - Reply from Shenuki104 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-09-07

Hi,My pets are dogs.My favorite dog breed is LABRADOR .They are so cute and funny.

modify delete 35198 - from Kaniz148 , 22 yrs (Bangladesh) - 2021-08-30
Cat - "Hey"

Hello Let's be friends 🖐🏻❤️❤️❤️
Don't hastate to knock me 🙃🙃🙃

modify delete 35190 - from Daryl 54 , 29 yrs (Philippines) - 2021-08-24
Dog - "Dog"

Hello everyone! I dont have any dogs or pets as of now, but Im planning to get a dog . The problem is I dont have any idea what should I do since this is the first time Im having a pet (cos my family doesn’t like one) Can you guys give any tips or ideas? Thanks!

35190 -
modify delete 35197 - Reply from Louie188 , 12 yrs (Indonesia) - 2021-08-29

Hi Daryl. You can get a Golden Retriver. They are smart, cute, and easy to train.

modify delete 35187 - from116 , 14 yrs (China) - 2021-08-19
Cat - "Welcome to send mail"

Welcome to send mail

modify delete 35185 - from HK206 (Egypt) - 2021-08-18
Dog - "Favorite dog breed"

Hello everyone!
I love dogs especially huskies and wanted to ask what is your favorite breed?

35185 -
modify delete 35215 - Reply from nithya32 , 15 yrs (India) - 2021-09-19

I like Golden Retrievers The Most, But I also Like Shi Tzus

35185 -
modify delete 35194 - Reply from Prettisha 234 (Malaysia) - 2021-08-26

I also love Huskies and German Shepherds 😁

35185 -
modify delete 35186 - Reply from MN206 (Egypt) - 2021-08-18

I also love huskies they are cute

modify delete 35183 - from Faustine204 , 10 yrs (France) - 2021-08-14
Cat - "le guide du chat heureux"

je peux vous donner pleins de bon conseils sur les chats puisque moi même j'en ai un. À oui je publie des conseilles chaque semaine.
Alors commençons:
Tout d'abord cette semaine je vais vous parlez comment adopter un chat: D'abord si quelqu'un dans votre famille est allergique au chat c'est normal que vous ne pouviez adopter de chat. Et puis un chat sa coûte très cher. Et puis sa demande beaucoup de responsabilité: il faut changer la litière régulièrement lui donner à manger et sans oublier que quand vous partez en vacances il faut trouver quelqu'un pour le (la) garder sinon vous pouvez l'emmener avec vous mais vous risqueriez de le perdre et il faut aussi surveiller le (la) chat(tte).
A la semaine prochaine.
Si vous aimez mes conseils vous pouvez me le dire.

35183 -
modify delete 35216 - Reply from Elysée junior0 , 16 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2021-09-20

J'aime bien vos conseils ils m'aide beaucoup avec mon chat qui est à la maison.

modify delete 35180 - from Maeve233 , 12 yrs (Australia) - 2021-08-13
Killer whale - "Killer whale"

Absolutely love killer whales, so graceful in the water and top predators.

35180 -
modify delete 35203 - Reply from Mary71 , 16 yrs (Russia) - 2021-09-03

Do you have it in Australia?

modify delete 35178 - from Jack25 (Great Britain) - 2021-08-06
Owl - "Hoot hoot"

Owls are SOOO cute I had one sit on my shoulder once at a wildlife reserve. If you like owls I like you, if you don’t like a owls that’s fine, if you dont like owls but speak bad about them. I do not like you u-u

35178 -
modify delete 35207 - Reply from Manishi 134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-09-10

I love love love owls. I would LOVE to have one as a pet but it is strictly prohibited in my country :(

modify delete 35174 - from Hannah17 , 13 yrs (Canada) - 2021-08-03
Cat - "Brown Cat"

I have a brown cat, which is a very unique colour! Not a lot of cats are brown. The shelter we adopted him from said they have only seen three cats in fifteen years. He is very special! His name is Coca, after Coca Cola, and he is so cute!

35174 -
modify delete 35176 - Reply from 李康訸253 (China) - 2021-08-06

I want to be a pen pal with you. I am Chinese. I come from southern China. Can you become pen pals with me? My email likanghe2021

modify delete 35171 - from Alan217 , 15 yrs (China) - 2021-08-02
Dog - "I Want to Be Your Friend!"

Hello boys and girls!I'm a boy from China.I want to be your friend.If you agree,please let me know that we can be penpal!

35171 -
modify delete 35177 - Reply from Nuvini134 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-08-06

I can be your friend. But I'm girl.

modify delete 35170 - from sude190 , 16 yrs (Turkey) - 2021-08-02
Cat - "🐼"

Hello, I'm Turkish, I love meeting new people from different countries.

35170 -
modify delete 35181 - Reply from pyara134 , 16 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-08-14


35170 -
modify delete 35172 - Reply from Alan217 , 15 yrs (China) - 2021-08-02

Can we be friends?!

modify delete 35160 - from Célia200 , 18 yrs (France) - 2021-07-20
Fox - "Platinum foxes"

Hello ! I'm Célia, 18 years old and french. Foxes are my favourites animals. I even have a platinum fox OC ("Original Character") who is called Pandawa. I came a bit by chance because of my best friend but I would gladly talk with any people :)
I'm a girl, I use she/her pronouns.
I can chat in french, english and german (note that I'm still learning haha, especially german.)
Feel free to contact me. Have a nice day/evening !

35160 -
modify delete 35232 - Reply from Colin210 , 19 yrs (American Samoa) - 2021-09-29

sup guys I love foxes🥰

35160 -
modify delete 35182 - Reply from Célia200 , 18 yrs (France) - 2021-08-14

I don't think that only your mom will be the problem: Foxes are wild animals, in any case, even if you take care of one, the best is to readapt them so you cna free them again in nature. I wish you the best though !

35160 -
modify delete 35179 - Reply from Sun3 , 17 yrs (China) - 2021-08-08

Yes!And i love the foxes too!I fantasize that one day I can raise a fox, but I think it will be difficult.Because my mom doesn't seem to like it. o(╥﹏╥)o

modify delete 35151 - from Tharushi149 , 18 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-07-14
Cat - "My favorite pet"

Hey, Cats are not my favorite but I do like cats. I had two kittens back then. I loved them so much. But unfortunately, they left the world so soon. I was so heart broken at that time.I didn't eat properly. All I thought about the cats. I wept so much over their death. But half and year later I understood that everyone who comes to this world bring their death with them. So now I have made up my mind but still I don't pet animals.but I love them.

35151 -
modify delete 35165 - Reply from Matias AG24 , 13 yrs (Ecuador) - 2021-07-23

Hola me presento ma llamo matias 🥰🤝 es un gusto escribirte🥰

35151 -
modify delete 35154 - Reply from 糖奶216 , 15 yrs (China) - 2021-07-16

My first cat is white and brown.U never believe it that she was gave away to me by a man at the grocery market.But she did not eat anything,finally we released her.My second cat was picked by me.She is so cute and small,and she did not afraid of me but followed me.She ate my food and then i take her to my home.But she had been used to rough living,so she became nervous after getting my home.Without any other choice,i replaced her to the place she stayed.The next day,i arrived at the place but found she had not been there.Since then,she never show up.I really like cat,but my mom does not allow me to pet one.Oops,its time to sleep,bye

modify delete 35149 - from Kyle123 , 16 yrs (Canada) - 2021-07-13
Bear - "I love Bears"

I just don't know what to say but I love Bears so much. In my opinion, they are the best and the nicest of all animals.

modify delete 35147 - from Ro-hee134 , 16 yrs (Korea) - 2021-07-11
Rabbit - "Rabbits 🐰"

I love Rabbits 🐰 🐇 so much, They are so cute!😘😘
🌼 We can talk about Rabbits! 🌼

35147 -
modify delete 35155 - Reply from 糖奶216 , 15 yrs (China) - 2021-07-16


modify delete 35143 - from Miriam6 , 12 yrs (Germany) - 2021-07-05
Horse - ""

Hi guys! I really love horses! They are so cute and sweet! And I really like to visit them. I don't ride often and don't own one. But there are horses near my house and I visit them all the time.
I ride horses in my holidays!

modify delete 35140 - from Hua224 , 14 yrs (China) - 2021-07-02
Panda - "lovely pandas"

Pandas are so lovely animals, but they are so few that I can only see them in the zoo. I hope people in the world can better protect pandas. And I think their dark circles make pandas cuter. What do you think?

modify delete 35138 - from Ryuga Ahnaf Imansyah142 , 9 yrs (Indonesia) - 2021-07-02
Fish - "I Love Fish"

Hello I'm Ryu I like fish especially betta fish, I've taken care of betta fish 4 times and they all died hihihi, since then I've never taken care of fish again

modify delete 35135 - from xu231 , 15 yrs (China) - 2021-06-30
Dog - "I want to become your friend."

I am from China. I want to be your friend.
I want to you can agree. If you want to be my friend too .please review my email.

35135 -
modify delete 35167 - Reply from Renald2 , 21 yrs (Haiti) - 2021-07-31

I wanna be your friand too

35135 -
modify delete 35163 - Reply from gabi199 , 31 yrs (Ecuador) - 2021-07-23

of course yes I would like to be friends :)

35135 -
modify delete 35156 - Reply from Vidusha134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-07-18

Hi,I'm from sri lanka.I like to be your friend

35135 -
modify delete 35141 - Reply from liu102 , 14 yrs (China) - 2021-07-02

Hello£¬i am a Chinese girl.
Can you be my penfriend?

modify delete 35131 - from Maria233 , 18 yrs (Peru) - 2021-06-21
Dog - "dog"

Hello I want to improve my English and make friends and if you want I can show you a little about my culture but you need to text me

35131 -
modify delete 35168 - Reply from Renald2 , 21 yrs (Haiti) - 2021-07-31

Please i'm here van toi texte me

35131 -
modify delete 35150 - Reply from 宋梓嘉218 , 13 yrs (China) - 2021-07-13

Hi,I am a Chinese girl .I want to improve my English ,too.Can you make a pen friend with me?There are also many interesing cultures in Chinese.If you are interested in Chinese cultures.Please write to me .Thanks.

modify delete 35124 - from rosie63 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2021-06-16
Cow - "cows :)"

have yall ever seen fluffy cows c:

modify delete 35116 - from elleni235 , 14 yrs (Belgium) - 2021-06-08
Wolf - "LOUP"

salut je suis Elleni, les loup son majestueux, beaux, unique, solidaire ...

35116 -
modify delete 35148 - Reply from Michael154 , 20 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2021-07-12

C est vrai

35116 -
modify delete 35128 - Reply from Luci237 , 11 yrs (Peru) - 2021-06-17

el lobo es uno de mis animales favoritos

35116 -
modify delete 35121 - Reply from MARIAMA250 , 15 yrs (Senegal) - 2021-06-13

Surtout ceux avec les couleurs unies

modify delete 35115 - from esther246 , 15 yrs (South Africa) - 2021-06-05
Tiger - "Tiger💖"

Tigers are active, strong and fearless. That is why they are my favourite animals. #love TIGERS!💖💖❤🌹

modify delete 35114 - from Lou Anne84 , 10 yrs (France) - 2021-06-04
Wolf - "loup"

oui les loup c'est trop trop trop trop BEAUX!!🐺🐺🐺😻😻😻🐱‍👤🐱‍👤😍😍❤❤

modify delete 35112 - from bovindu231 , 10 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-06-04
Dog - "bovindu"

hai nikles i`m in sri lanka .i`m bovindu

modify delete 35101 - from yilia136 , 20 yrs (China) - 2021-06-03
Cat - "猫伸懒腰的样子太可爱"


modify delete 35097 - from Lily212 , 12 yrs (France) - 2021-06-02

Si tu aime les loups et loups garou bienvenu!!!!!!!

modify delete 35093 - from feng42 , 14 yrs (China) - 2021-05-29
- "first I use it"

hi friends,My name is YiMo Feng,as you can see,I am from China,a big country in the east of Asia.I want to improve my English also share my own experiences by using this website. if you want to be my penpal, you can add me,and we could talk and be friends together, than you ps,ages no more than 16

modify delete 35092 - from Nicole143 (Jamaica) - 2021-05-28
Guinea-pig - "Guinea"

I need some tips for guinea pigs.

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