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modify delete 44369 - from Juju61 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2021-09-29
Animals - "Animals"

I have 46 chickens, 4 bunnies, 1 cockatoo, 2 lizards, 4 pigs, 2 sheep, and 6 cats. That's 65 animals I think. We keep getting more and I lose track of them XD I love animals and nature. Does anyone want to be my pen pal and talk about animals?

modify delete 44245 - from Anne137 , 25 yrs (United States) - 2021-07-20
Animals - "My Pets"

Hello! I have eight pets; one husky, two cats, and five hens, one which escaped home several days ago. Two days after being lost, the hen was spotted by one of my neighbors! I was so happy to know the chicken hadn't been eaten by a predator!

44245 -
modify delete 44277 - Reply from amalnee135 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-08-06

Happy to hear that anne ! YEs... hens have many predetors ! She s a lucky hen haha !

modify delete 44241 - from Maham53 , 18 yrs (Pakistan) - 2021-07-17
Animals - "Pets"

I LOVE ANIMALS ESPECIALLY DOGS🐶... My favourite are doberman...but right now I have a pair of German shepherds 14 cats 4 fish . Countless parrots ( budgies and cocktails) and 2 roosters...these days I'm trying to train my gsd pup..he's 6 months old but he's super lazy , eats all the time and honestly does whatever HE wants

modify delete 44032 - from Wing171 (Taiwan) - 2021-03-20
Animals - "cute dolphins"

JUST DOLPHINS!!!!! so cute

44032 -
modify delete 44186 - Reply from Rayona97 , 15 yrs (America) - 2021-06-10

Yes I totally agree

modify delete 43946 - from Oneli223 , 13 yrs (Sri lanka) - 2021-03-01
Animals - "World water day"

World water day💦💧 is coming up on the 22nd of March 20212️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣. This years theme is "Valuing water". This focus will extend beyond issues of pricing to include the environmental, social, and cultural value people place on water. And there is a competition for Students between 0-23 years. An art and poetry competition will be held. You will be split into groups. And the winners and the Students who Participated will receive a digital printable certificate📜.
There are 2 age groups
water droplet💧 group for juniors👧 between age 0-12
Ocean🌊 group for seniors👩 between age 13- 23
Theme- Valuing water ( The theme will be the same for all groups)
Closing date from submissions will be 22nd of March 2021 6.00pm.
For more information pls send a message thru the forum or send a message to my account. BTW Girls only

modify delete 43892 - from Tobias174 (Czechia) - 2021-02-11
Animals - "Czech national dog"

Do you know the Czech national dog breed? If not, it's a Czech terrier.

modify delete 43838 - from Annamaria 76 , 11 yrs (Ireland ) - 2021-01-25
Animals - "Extinct or Alive"

Heya. Who has watched and like Extinct or Alive. If you do pls send me a message on SOTW mail.

modify delete 43837 - from Annamaria 76 , 11 yrs (Ireland ) - 2021-01-25
Animals - "These are some animals that i like."

My favourite pet: cat
The animal that facinates me:Snake, wolf
I like: fox

43837 -
modify delete 44129 - Reply from Mindy84 , 14 yrs (Canada) - 2021-05-17

I have 3 cows and 1 horse! I use to have pigs and sheep!
Maby we can talk?

43837 -
modify delete 44058 - Reply from Али 83 , 17 yrs (Russian) - 2021-03-30

Hi! I have 2 rat`s. I`m 17 years old. I from is Russian🇷🇺. Maybe we can talk?

43837 -
modify delete 43954 - Reply from Solomon210 , 14 yrs (Uganda) - 2021-03-03

I don't know much about wolves but I like many facts about them they value teamwork in hunting, They are ancestors of modern day bears and wolves any way can were be friends

modify delete 43811 - from Amina53 , 8 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-18
Animals - "Animals."

Hey! I love animals. They are very cute. They all have a special role in life. Rabbits, tigers, lions, cats, rhinos, wolves, and a lot more animals can help the way we live!

43811 -
modify delete 43812 - Reply from Ali53 , 7 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-18

Yes. They all are important. Whether they are your favorite animals or not!

modify delete 43735 - from Amalnee 252 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka ) - 2020-12-28
Animals - "🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪"

Hi, who would like to join my group . One has added. Reply to my personal SOTW mail. Bye.👋👋👋👋👋👋👋🗯️

modify delete 43711 - from Amalnee135 , 12 yrs (sri lanka) - 2020-12-21
Animals - "nature"

hi gyus. let s make group for nature lovers. in whatsapp okay. we can share our knowledge and all the thingd. you can put your number to this email address. i ll make group. gender any. i think it will be good idea. reply to this message and when you are sending mail send your real name, age optional and whatsapp number. bye this is email address.

modify delete 43703 - from amalnee135 , 12 yrs (sri lanka) - 2020-12-20
Animals - "I LOVE ANIMALS."

Im amalnee from sri lanka. I have got two dogs. One black and white and other only black. They are very lovely. I think I can understand animals. AMAZING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

modify delete 43580 - from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-12-03
Animals - "EGK"

Hi! I love nature very much. I also have a whatsapp group. If you like to join please send a message. Girls only.

43580 -
modify delete 43702 - Reply from amalnee135 , 12 yrs (sri lanka) - 2020-12-20

i also like to join your whatsapp group. i love nature. gardening is one of my hobby.

43580 -
modify delete 43634 - Reply from Lan142 , 15 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-12-10

I also like nature, but not so. may i join the whatsaap group? I want to have many friends from different countries

modify delete 43562 - from Yun119 , 12 yrs (Korea) - 2020-11-30
Animals - "Cat is cute < 3"

Cat is the most cute animal in the world! i want to cultivate them, but my mom have allergic about cat.. so sad :(

43562 -
modify delete 43636 - Reply from Lan142 , 15 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-12-10

oh my god, I also have the same thought. cats are the cutest animals. I also have one male cat in my house. I'm sorry, how does it feel when there are lots of cute cats roaming around, but we can't have them because someone has allergies

modify delete 43507 - from Nicole1 , 11 yrs (Jamaica) - 2020-11-22
Animals - "Hi!!"

I have 6 pets: 1 dog, 2 rabbits, 1 goat, 1 guinea pig and 1 cat.

My favourite breeds of rabbits are the Checkered Giant and the American Chinchilla.
I can tell all of you the breeds if you want.

43507 -
modify delete 43517 - Reply from Loujain98 , 10 yrs (United Arabs Emarits) - 2020-11-23

Your Lucky

modify delete 43425 - from Alexandra251 , 10 yrs (Bulgaria) - 2020-11-02
Animals - "Hi! I like wolves and cats! Do you like them too?"

Hi! I like wolves. They are my favourite animals.And I like cats. I even have one. If you like wolves and cats too or just wanna be friends... I will be happy if you type me. Bye! 🙂🐺

43425 -
modify delete 43522 - Reply from Loujain98 , 10 yrs (United Arab Emarits) - 2020-11-24

hi AlexandraI
I love cats . honestly I Love ALL ANIMALS

43425 -
modify delete 43429 - Reply from Olivia118 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-03

Hi! :) I like wolves and I have a cat! Would you like to be friends?? Bye! :)

43425 -
modify delete 43427 - Reply from Sára91 , 12 yrs (Slovakia) - 2020-11-02

Hi,I also like wolves.Wanna be friends?:-)

modify delete 43381 - from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-10-11
Animals - "I got a rat today!!!"

His name is Mickey. He is a young hooded rat. He was very shy at first, but he is adjusting very well now.

modify delete 43339 - from Olivia215 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-09-21
Animals - "I Love Animals!"

I LOVE animals. All of them are so cute and really helpful with the environment! I've never had a pet until recently when we got a kitten!! He is the cutest thing on the planet!! I live in Glendale and Sierra Madre so I live in the city half time and the mountains the other half time. In the city, there are squirrels, pigeons, and occasionally coyotes. In the mountains, there are deer( sooo cute), bears( also super cute), bunnies, coyotes, foxes, lot's of birds( there are many species of birds there but the parrots mostly come out in the morning but have moved away temporarily because of a really bad fire close to my house, it burned the whole mountain next to my mountain!!), and bobcats( they mostly stay on the other side). Tell me about the animals where you live! 😄😄😄😄

43339 -
modify delete 43545 - Reply from Olivia118 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-28

Loujain, yes they are super helpful! :) My kitten is more like a 6 year old kid in human years now lol!

43339 -
modify delete 43518 - Reply from Loujain98 , 10 yrs (United Arabs Emarits) - 2020-11-23

I agree ,the animals do seem helpfull and i agree that a kittin is the cutest little animal in the world!!

43339 -
modify delete 43377 - Reply from Louie2 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-10-08

Hi, My favorite animals is dog. My favorite cat is Maine Coon because they can be a friend with dog and not make a mess. Maine Coon is the biggest cat in the world. Maine Coon is a cat from North America.

43339 -
modify delete 43374 - Reply from Olivia118 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-10-06

Hi Margot! Sure, what is your ref number so we can talk? Hope to talk soon! -OLivia :)

43339 -
modify delete 43373 - Reply from Margot29 , 10 yrs (france) - 2020-10-05

Bonjour Olivia moi aussi j'adore les animaux j'ai 1 chien epagnol cetter anglais un chat des poules et avans on avais des poissons si tu est intérésant répond vite si tu veux

mes amitier margot

modify delete 43303 - from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-09-04
Animals - "I'm bored"

Tell me about the wildlife where you're from!

43303 -
modify delete 43746 - Reply from Chloe 84 , 11 yrs (australia) - 2021-01-01

in Australia we have some cute and DANGEROUS animals
Brown Snake
Echindna ( basically a porcupine)
funnel web spider
redback spider
raindow laurakeet
Many More!!!

modify delete 43280 - from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (Sri lanka) - 2020-08-20
Animals - "pets"

Hi I like to have a pet but my parents always say that i can't have one because no one will be there to care for it while i am at middle school. Can you tell me a pet that wants food once a day. i did have one fish but they die withing one month

43280 -
modify delete 43364 - Reply from Oneli134 , 13 yrs (sri Lanka ) - 2020-10-03

thank you for the information it was very helpful but where I live I don't think we can handle a chicken or duck.

43280 -
modify delete 43299 - Reply from Mary198 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-09-01

Hi! So there are actually many different choices of lets, but it does get quite difficult when you have to work around a school schedule. If allowed, you could get chickens, turkeys kr ducks, for they can be fed once a day (make sure they have water!). If you aren't scared of reptiles, maybe consider one of those, for you could feed it before and after you get home from school. Really, you'd want something smaller and contained where you wouldn't have to let it out to go to the bathroom. Hope you find a pet for you!

modify delete 43264 - from Megan 135 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2020-08-17
Animals - ""

Hey y’all
Hola como esta
I love horses and dogs if u like the same let’s talk

43264 -
modify delete 43716 - Reply from amalnee135 , 12 yrs (sri lanka) - 2020-12-23

hi, would you like to join my whatsapp group????

modify delete 43214 - from Ivy203 , 12 yrs (Korea) - 2020-07-25
Animals - "Dogs"

My family adopted a dog 'bout 3 weeks ago, she's still a baby... but she is SO cute! The breed is a Maltese, pure white and soo fluffy(?)! Who else has a dog? I'm betting lots!

modify delete 43158 - from Grace46 , 12 yrs (Britain) - 2020-07-06
Animals - "♡guinea pigs♡"

I have a guinea pig and she is so cuteeee! Does anyone else have guinea pigs??

43158 -
modify delete 44055 - Reply from Али 83 , 17 yrs (Russian) - 2021-03-30

Hi. I have 2 rat. I want to talk to you you have interesting hobbies. I am from Russia. I`m 17 years old. Tell about yourself, please.

43158 -
modify delete 43369 - Reply from Brynn100 , 11 yrs (usa) - 2020-10-05

I am hoping to get 2 guinea pigs and a skinny pig (hairless guinea pig)♡

43158 -
modify delete 43247 - Reply from Frank210 , 12 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2020-08-10

I have 6 Guinea pigs 3 cats and a hamster hoping to get a leopard gecko soon

43158 -
modify delete 43240 - Reply from Ella210 , 22 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2020-08-08

Hey I am absolutely obsessed with guinea pigs I used to have 10 but now I have 6. They are such cute animals

43158 -
modify delete 43220 - Reply from Michael58 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-07-28

I do! I love guinea pigs!

43158 -
modify delete 43170 - Reply from Malcolm181 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2020-07-08

No, but I will get them soon!

modify delete 43113 - from Annika11 , 13 yrs (Norway) - 2020-06-16
Animals - "Pets are cute!"

Do you have pets? I`d like to have pet`s but i have`nt. If you don`t have a pet; what animal would you like to have as pet? I don`t really now what animal i`d like to have as pet. Chinchillas are cute so i`d maybe choose to have a chinchilla then.

43113 -
modify delete 43306 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (United States) - 2020-09-05

I have a pitbull/lab/hound mix named Olivia. She's really cute and sweet!

43113 -
modify delete 43168 - Reply from Animals76 (Heellooo) - 2020-07-07

I have three agate shells and one hen ❤❤

43113 -
modify delete 43155 - Reply from Arnau4 , 14 yrs (Spain) - 2020-07-05

Hello Annika, I had the same problem, but I found the perfect pet for me: snails. It is very easy to take care of them, but you will have to look for more information on the Internet, I hope I have helped you :)

modify delete 43091 - from Nuvini 134 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-06-08
Animals - "Hi"

I love pets❣️❤️💖💕💗💘😻😍🤗🤟

43091 -
modify delete 43157 - Reply from Arnau4 , 14 yrs (Spain) - 2020-07-05

Me too!!!!

modify delete 43071 - from Nastya66 , 14 yrs (Russia) - 2020-06-04
Animals - "Animals"

Hello, Sofia! I would like to talk with you about elephants. Do you like it? They are very cute. Did you see them? If you saw them, you can describe!
Best wishes,

43071 -
modify delete 43106 - Reply from Amy36 , 14 yrs (china) - 2020-06-14


modify delete 42961 - from kendall25 , 17 yrs (us) - 2020-05-02
Animals - "snails"

hi i have snails n no one has talked about them >:(
i wanna talk about my snails u_u

42961 -
modify delete 43169 - Reply from Isla76 (Hey) - 2020-07-07

I have three snails💕

42961 -
modify delete 43156 - Reply from Arnau4 , 14 yrs (Spain) - 2020-07-05

Hi! I have snails too and i'm very happy :)

modify delete 42915 - from Sequoia128 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-04-22
Animals - "Hello"

Hi I'm Sequoia and I love animals. My favorite animals are birds and pets. I have 11 pets a cat, a dog, a parakeet, 6 chickens, and 2 guppies. (My goldfish died last night). I love Northern Flickers, Pika, and lynx. I don't believe wild animals should be pets or kept in aquariums or zoos unless they can't survive in the wild, if you agree or don't agree please comment. I am looking for friends 11-13 and would love to be your pen-pal.:) My Email address is if you don't want to snail mail each other.

42915 -
modify delete 43370 - Reply from Brynn100 , 11 yrs (usa) - 2020-10-05

please reply if your account is still active

42915 -
modify delete 43317 - Reply from Bella112 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-09-14

I totally agree! Wild animals deserve to be free!

modify delete 42886 - from Mary32 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-04-16
Animals - "Animals!"

Hello! I love almost all animals (except the reptile family) and literally adore them all! If you would like to message me, feel free!

modify delete 42882 - from Melani242 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-04-15
Animals - "Hello!"

Hello! I love all animals but especially birds and cats. I also love prehistoric animals. If you have similar interests and are 10-14 yrs old, please write me, my REF number is 1457384.

42882 -
modify delete 43717 - Reply from amalnee135 , 12 yrs (sri lanka) - 2020-12-23

hi, would you like to join y whatsapp group.

modify delete 42838 - from Kat251 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-03-25
Animals - "HI!!!"

Does anybody ride horses like me???

42838 -
modify delete 42916 - Reply from sequoia128 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-04-22

First of all you posted this on my B-Day. Secondly, I did ride horses but I didn't have one so I had to pay for riding lessons, but they didn't last long because they were so expensive.

modify delete 42834 - from Audra 90 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2020-03-24
Animals - "Animalia"

Okay, let’s be real here. Animals can be better than humans sometimes. They’re better listeners, they’re kind and compassionate, and they love you no matter what. If everyone owned some kind of pet (except animal abusers😡😡😡😡) the world would be a happier place.

42834 -
modify delete 43390 - Reply from Olivia58 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-10-15

I agree with some of it.... because in my opinion, I think wild animals deserve to be in the wild not with humans.... but yes animals are better than humans sometimes : )

42834 -
modify delete 43330 - Reply from Olivia215 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-09-19

That is very true

42834 -
modify delete 43318 - Reply from Bella112 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-09-14

You are so right! I love animals. I don't have a pet but I used to have a dog.

42834 -
modify delete 43215 - Reply from Ivy203 , 12 yrs (Korea) - 2020-07-25

*gasp* really?? I HATE those kinds of people... I love animals- and every other living creature! BTW it's against the law...

42834 -
modify delete 42970 - Reply from Felix168 , 12 yrs (France) - 2020-05-06

Animals are ALWAYS better than us!

42834 -
modify delete 42959 - Reply from Blaise168 , 12 yrs (Australia) - 2020-05-02

I don't agree at all.
If everyone had an animal, there won't be a lot of animals in the wild!
And if an animal owner treats is animal badly, it is' nt good for that animal!

42834 -
modify delete 42907 - Reply from Genesis156 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-04-20

I strongly agree
Life is much better with a pet by your side,
But i just hate animal abusers😠😠😠😠😠
Life would be better without them and why do they even had pets or even existed???
I heard that this man killed his dog then baked him (POOR DOG)

42834 -
modify delete 42899 - Reply from Melani242 , 12 yrs (United States) - 2020-04-16

So true!

modify delete 42802 - from Matthew40 , 16 yrs (United States) - 2020-02-27
Animals - "Hello!"

So I wanna ask all of you who own an exotic pet, any exotic pet, from a camel, to a fennec fox, to even the incredibly adorable short-tailed opossum, And I would like to know how it is to own said exotic pets! How do they act, how much time and attention you give them, how much money you spend on them, such as for them themselves, the vet bills, their food and supplies and all that. Even how much happiness, Joy, and emotions they make you feel! I would like to know all about it!

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