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Here, you can share ideas with anybody about any hobby.
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modify delete 41754 - from Camille 90 (France ) - 2018-10-25
Sports - "Horse riding, you like or you don't like ?"

TODAY, much people practise horse riding and especially young girls and womans. Personally, I'm mad about horse riding and I love horses. But I think some people don't like this. So, you think what about horse riding ? Give your opinion ;-)
(Sorry if my english is not good :-))

41754 -
modify delete 42771 - Reply from Alicia126 , 13 yrs (france) - 2020-02-07

Horse riding is the best sport of the WORLD !!!!!!!!

41754 -
modify delete 42068 - Reply from Holly106 (England) - 2019-02-17

J’adore l’équitation!!!!! Don’t worry, your English is great

41754 -
modify delete 42051 - Reply from kyra18 (USA) - 2019-02-10

i love horse back riding! i have a horse i ride every Sunday

modify delete 41712 - from Nóirín245 , 14 yrs (Germany) - 2018-10-08
Sports - "Ballet"

I love ballet. I started dancing with about 5 years. I was a bit clumpsy and my mother was scared that I could be bullied by the other girls. One day our teacher said we should take music with us to the next lesson, so we can dance to it. In the time where the other children chose songs for kids, I loaded songs like lacrimosa of mozart on my usb stick.
Now after six years of dancing ballet, I stopped it, because of my legs, I have a blockage and can not stretch them far enough. But the ballet still means very much to me.
I got a better body control and learned discipline. But every time I see movies like First Position, Dance academy... I get so doleful. I would like to dance again... But it just makes no sense. The only thing I can do is look at my little sis dancing ballet, and this makes me so happy. I hope she is able to dance until the end of her life!
Who likes ballet as well? Or who has danced in the past, but stopped it now? -and why?

41712 -
modify delete 41773 - Reply from Gigi1 (China) - 2018-10-30

I took dancing class in my kindergarten lol but it's traditional Chinese dancing instead of ballet. Dancing is great fun but I'm just not good at it. So l gave it up and started playing the piano. Anyway,finding something that you are enthusiastic about is cool!

modify delete 41663 - from nathalie53 , 16 yrs (sweden) - 2018-09-20
Sports - "dancing"

i love to dance and learn new choreographies, mainly from kpop groups.

modify delete 41651 - from Keara210 , 14 yrs (Australia) - 2018-09-17
Sports - "Sports"

I love netball!
Netball is really fun!

41651 -
modify delete 43925 - Reply from Amadi231 , 14 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-02-25

I love Netball. Shooter is my place. What is your place?

41651 -
modify delete 42447 - Reply from Amy4 , 14 yrs (Scotland) - 2019-07-12

I also love netbal SOTW mail me?

modify delete 41634 - from Kim113 , 22 yrs (Korea) - 2018-09-09
Sports - "simeone's 4-4-2"

one of my hobbies is to play football manager 2015
in that game, i m the director of leicester city and currently ranked 6
my main strategy is flat 4-4-2 which is similar to simeone's atm
this strategy is good for tight defense and fast counterattack but the lack of attack diversity should be complemented
are there any good solutions for this?

modify delete 41579 - from Topi157 , 12 yrs (Finland) - 2018-08-16
Sports - "motocross"

i like motorsport. i have honda cr85cc. i like ride a bike.

41579 -
modify delete 41682 - Reply from ÖÓº®·é239 , 14 yrs (China) - 2018-10-03

I like ride a bike beacaue it is good for our help.So I often ride to school.😀

41579 -
modify delete 41623 - Reply from Keara :)210 , 14 yrs (Australia) - 2018-09-05

same motorbikes are fun 💖

modify delete 41575 - from samui183 , 32 yrs (usa) - 2018-08-16
Sports - "fitness thread"

Hello there. Do you like fitness or other kinds of sport

41575 -
modify delete 43935 - Reply from Jose7 , 36 yrs (Peru) - 2021-02-26

Greetings from Peru. Soccer is the most exciting for many Peruvians. I love watching the qualifiers. I was wondering if we could discuss about sports.

41575 -
modify delete 43933 - Reply from Jose7 , 36 yrs (Peru) - 2021-02-26

Greetings from Peru. I love watching soccer. The champion league is the best. It's amazing to watch the qualifiers. What I like most is watching the world cup.

modify delete 41459 - from Martin154 , 17 yrs (Belgium) - 2018-07-09
Sports - "FIFA WORLD CUP 2018"

I think that Belgium is the best team of FIFA WORLD CUP and we can win against France. Our generation is gold. We have luck and I hope that my country will win the cup. It are being wonderful for me...

41459 -
modify delete 41848 - Reply from Gabby132 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2018-11-20

Yeah, definitely for the mens. But for the womens, I don't know about that. lol

41459 -
modify delete 41576 - Reply from samui183 , 34 yrs (usa) - 2018-08-16

Belgium was great.

41459 -
modify delete 41547 - Reply from Cyriane184 , 16 yrs (France) - 2018-08-04

héhéahahahoo ✨✨ two stars

41459 -
modify delete 41497 - Reply from Daniel 1 , 14 yrs (malaysia) - 2018-07-24

I think the belgium unlucky because the belgium very hope to win but very sad to hear that. But the belgium is have the good chance to win but the belgium is loser team. I have to say the belgium because have the hope to win.

41459 -
modify delete 41492 - Reply from Arash1 , 14 yrs (Malaysia) - 2018-07-24

Sorry.But France have bet Belgium 1.0
I think Belgium unlucky this year.

41459 -
modify delete 41491 - Reply from nasrullah1 , 14 yrs (MALAYSIA) - 2018-07-24

i think belgium is noob team because the team is loser.

41459 -
modify delete 41463 - Reply from Rachel184 , 17 yrs (France) - 2018-07-11

France beat Belgium 1.0
Thanks to Umtiti!
Allez les bleus! We are the next champions!

modify delete 41403 - from FRANCISCO79 (SPAIN) - 2018-06-10
Sports - "I love ATLETICO DE MADRID"

My name is Fran. my favorite sport is football and I love ATLETICO DE MADRID. They are the increíble equip!!!

41403 -
modify delete 42605 - Reply from Florian198 (France) - 2019-11-02

Hello Fran !

I love football too, and what do you think about speaking about football together ? It could be a great idea ? My favorite team is Olympique Lyonnais.

Have a nice day :)

41403 -
modify delete 41420 - Reply from Mariana163 , 14 yrs (Mexico) - 2018-06-20

I love real Madrid

modify delete 41341 - from Arnaud138 (France) - 2018-05-25
Sports - "Mechanic sports"

Hi everyone
My favorit sports are NASCAR (yeah even if i live in Europe ) Rally car (like WRC)
FIA erc for European Truck Racing Championship
(It's a special sport with race trucks in Europe) and F1 (famous sport in Europe )

modify delete 41272 - from Abbey Rose178 (Australia) - 2018-04-25
Sports - "Hey"

Hey. My favourite sport is Cricket and Field Hockey. I have learnt a little bit of Chinese and Italian at School but I would love to learn Spanish.

41272 -
modify delete 43701 - Reply from Peter198 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-19

What's up I am Haspanic I am born to know spanish I got you covered if you want

41272 -
modify delete 41321 - Reply from Gabriella136 (USA) - 2018-05-14

Hi Abbey! I think it's great that Chinese and Italian are taught at your school! I've always wanted to learn Italian. If you want, I can teach you some Spanish. Message me anytime!

modify delete 41254 - from darion252 (USA) - 2018-04-19
Sports - "hi"

April 19,2018

Dear Friend,

My name is Darion my favoret sport is football

your Friend,

41254 -
modify delete 42606 - Reply from Florian198 (France) - 2019-11-02

Hi Darion,

I love football. Maybe we could speak about football together if you want.

Have a nice day :)

modify delete 41250 - from darion252 (usa) - 2018-04-18
Sports - "hi"

Hello my name is Darion and my favoret sport is football my favoret team is the dolphins

your friend Darion

modify delete 41245 - from Yadiel252 , 10 yrs (use) - 2018-04-18
Sports - "hi"

bear friend I like to play sports because I can play my friend in sports what you like to play. I like to read book. and play with new toys. and my friend like to play video games in home. what you like to play your friend Yadiel

modify delete 41220 - from darion252 , 9 yrs (florida) - 2018-04-12
Sports - "hello"

Dear friend my name is Darion I like to play criket to and I like to play football.

Your friend Darion

modify delete 41167 - from Sonja219 , 16 yrs (Finland) - 2018-03-27
Sports - "Gym"

Hi, i'm Sonja and i'm intrested about weight lifting and i like going to the gym. So i'm sporty person and if you are too we could talk.

41167 -
modify delete 41320 - Reply from Gabriella136 (USA) - 2018-05-14

Hi Sonja! I am the same way. Message me again if you want to talk some more!

modify delete 41081 - from Emerson26 , 13 yrs (north america) - 2018-02-28
Sports - "meet me"

hi im emerson and i am looking for someone who will respond to me daily. and i love to play softball and i do acro which is a class for dance to learn the skills you need to do in dance.

41081 -
modify delete 41121 - Reply from rachael133 , 13 yrs (zimbabwe) - 2018-03-10

Hie my name is Rachael and l am a girl. L like to play hockey,soccer and l like swimming.

41081 -
modify delete 41118 - Reply from IRVINE133 , 15 yrs (ZIMBABWE) - 2018-03-10


modify delete 41030 - from Maureen205 , 18 yrs (france) - 2018-02-16
Sports - "Sport is life !"

Salut ! :)
Je pratique beaucoup de sport, surtout la natation, le running, le fitness et j'ai fait de la danse pendant des années. Si quelqu'un est fan de sport comme moi contactez moi :).

modify delete 40996 - from Anais237 (France) - 2018-02-04
Sports - "The dance"

Dance is my... Life ? I don’t know ^^’ and you ? Your favorite sport ? Wharf is it ?

40996 -
modify delete 41079 - Reply from Emerson26 , 12 yrs (north america) - 2018-02-28

hey i do acro which is like dance i can tell you what it is like if you want.

modify delete 40988 - from kamiyah252 , 8 yrs (usa) - 2018-02-01
Sports - "sports"

Dear Friend, Do you like sports,like basketball,baseball,or softball? Do you like to draw? I like to draw swim,and paint. I will talk to you soon Sincerly Kamiyah

40988 -
modify delete 41120 - Reply from IRVINE133 , 15 yrs (ZIMBABWE) - 2018-03-10


40988 -
modify delete 41080 - Reply from Madison26 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2018-02-28

I love sports! I also love to swim and paint.

modify delete 40984 - from Gabriel252 , 8 yrs (USA) - 2018-02-01
Sports - "Hello"

Dear Friend,

My favorite thing to do is play with my bey blade.and play minecraft.I love pokemon so mush.And play with my computer with my friend. I love math and reading a lot at school.
My favorite part of school is Reading. I'm in 2nd name is Gabriel.

Your Friend,

modify delete 40950 - from Reanna21 (Australia) - 2018-01-25
Sports - "Basketball"

I love basketball < 3 It's the one sport I'm actually really good at :), I know this is irrelevant but I have always wanted to date someone Korean but there aren't any Koreans at my school, my friends think I'm weird because I'm the only one in my friend group who likes anything to do with Korea XD

modify delete 40872 - from Ayden252 , 10 yrs (usa) - 2018-01-11
Sports - "USA"

Dear Friend,

Hi! My name is Ayden. I hope you are doing well! I'm in 4th grade. My favorite thing to do is play video games. What is your favorite thing to do?

Your friend,

40872 -
modify delete 41319 - Reply from Gabriella136 (USA) - 2018-05-14

Hi Ayden! I am doing well, thanks for asking. What about you? I'm in high school. I don't have one favorite activity, but many! I like to read, take pictures hang out with friends, and sometimes play video games.

40872 -
modify delete 41002 - Reply from Li61 , 16 yrs (China ) - 2018-02-07

Hellooo,nice to meet you. I am from China---an ancient contry.In my hometown Spring Festival is nearly come......Do you want to know more student's life in China ? Looking forward to your reply.

modify delete 40735 - from Joel210 , 15 yrs (Ghana) - 2017-12-07
Sports - "I love Sports"

I love all kinds of Sports But I'm more committed to Basketball. Hope to go Pro someday. I would like to connect with other people in various sports. Send me an Email if you want to chat

40735 -
modify delete 41040 - Reply from Joel66 , 15 yrs (Ghana) - 2018-02-20

Hey it's nice that you sent me a message.
Sorry for the late reply. Would you like us to be friends, we can talk about a whole lot of Stuff. Do you do Sports???.

I hope I get a reply again. Bye FOR now

40735 -
modify delete 40866 - Reply from Brianna 226 , 14 yrs (collingswood ) - 2018-01-10

hi this is Brianna i'm a eighth grader

modify delete 40705 - from Mariah78 , 16 yrs (usa) - 2017-11-30
Sports - "Bonjour"

Salut! Je m'appelle Dulce. J'ai 16 ans. J'habite en Californie. Je voudrais parler francais. J'aime vollyball. Et toi?

40705 -
modify delete 41003 - Reply from Benjamin213 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2018-02-07

Salut! Je mappelle Benjamin et j'aime jouer football Americain, base-balle, et basket-balle. J'habite Wisconsin et j'aime parler Francais, Espanol, et Anglais. Parle bientot.

40705 -
modify delete 40997 - Reply from Anaïs237 (France) - 2018-02-04

Salut je m’appel Anaïs et si tu veux je peut t’apprendre

40705 -
modify delete 40851 - Reply from Sofia61 (USA) - 2018-01-08

hello, do u know english. i don't know french

40705 -
modify delete 40748 - Reply from zineb 217 , 15 yrs (maroc) - 2017-12-09

hello, I am Zineb and I want to learn more about the english langage. I am moroccan and I speak french! So if you want to talk with me I am here!

modify delete 40701 - from Dulce78 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2017-11-30
Sports - "Bonjour!"

Salut! Je m'appelle Dulce. J'ai 16 ans. J'habite en Californie. Je voudrais parler francais. J'aime volleyball. Et toi?

40701 -
modify delete 41908 - Reply from Fleur34 , 14 yrs (The Netherlands) - 2018-12-10

Bonjour Je suis Fleur,

Pour le cours de Francais j'ain besoin de quelqu'un pour parler en francais. J'adore joué le foot et je joué avec ma team. Je suis fan de Neymar et Mbappe. La Frace gangé la coupe de monde, Hollande n'ont pas particié.

Mon Francais n'est pas bon! mais Je fais de mon mieux.

Au revoir!

40701 -
modify delete 40783 - Reply from Gad0 , 17 yrs (république démocrati) - 2017-12-24

salut ,moi c'est Gad je parle couramment français ,je peux t'aider!
si tu veux tu pourras m'aider avec l'anglais !

40701 -
modify delete 40743 - Reply from Eloïse109 , 16 yrs (France) - 2017-12-08

Salut! Je parle Francais et j'aimerai apprendre l'anglais aussi! J'habite en France ☺️

modify delete 40604 - from Lea209 , 12 yrs (france) - 2017-11-07
Sports - "Hey"

Hey my name is lea, i love handball I often do. I speak french and english little.

40604 -
modify delete 41909 - Reply from Fleur34 , 14 yrs (The Netherlands) - 2018-12-10

Bonjour Je suis Fleur,

Pour le cours de Francais j'ain besoin de quelqu'un pour parler en francais. J'adore joué le foot et je joué avec ma team. Je suis fan de Neymar et Mbappe. La Frace gangé la coupe de monde, Hollande n'ont pas particié.

Mon Francais n'est pas bon! mais Je fais de mon mieux.

Au revoir!

40604 -
modify delete 40928 - Reply from lucy142 , 16 yrs (france) - 2018-01-21

Hey,my name is lucy
Would you to be best friend with me?

40604 -
modify delete 40777 - Reply from Roberto Mario 145 , 20 yrs (BÉNIN ) - 2017-12-20

ok cool.C'est quand tu voudras.

40604 -
modify delete 40642 - Reply from Demi98 , 16 yrs (The Netherlands) - 2017-11-16

bonjour. je voir tu parler français. je voudrais apprendre le français. j'espère avoir une réponse.

modify delete 40526 - from Marjorie249 , 16 yrs (France) - 2017-10-25
Sports - "K-POP -Rap- Varité"

pardon pour les fautes
Moi c'est marjorie et depuis quelque temps je me suis mis à ecouté un groupe de K-Pop
les BTS dont j'adore ce groupe ils ont génial mais autre bien sur apres j'aime beacoup la musique
donc si vous voulez me faire écouté ou parlé de groupe ou chanteur(se) je suis la

40526 -
modify delete 44187 - Reply from VINCIANE72 , 16 yrs (cameroun) - 2021-06-10

Je m’appelle Vinciane et comme toi j’aime les BTS voudrais tu être mon amis?

40526 -
modify delete 41910 - Reply from Fleur34 , 14 yrs (The Netherlands) - 2018-12-10

Bonjour Je suis Fleur,

Pour le cours de Francais j'ain besoin de quelqu'un pour parler en francais. J'adore joué le foot et je joué avec ma team. Je suis fan de Neymar et Mbappe. La Frace gangé la coupe de monde, Hollande n'ont pas particié.

Mon Francais n'est pas bon! mais Je fais de mon mieux.

Au revoir!

modify delete 40476 - from Kloe151 , 13 yrs (Australia) - 2017-10-17
Sports - "Sports Rules!"

Hi! I play Netball and also love to swim. Would love to here if anyone else plays Netball? :)

40476 -
modify delete 41652 - Reply from Keara210 , 14 yrs (Australia) - 2018-09-17

Yeah netball is really fun and i've been playing for 3 years.

40476 -
modify delete 41047 - Reply from Ellie 186 , 14 yrs (United Kingdom ) - 2018-02-21

Did not mean to send it twice 😂😂

40476 -
modify delete 41046 - Reply from Ellie 186 , 14 yrs (United Kingdom ) - 2018-02-21

I play netball at school every week and have been for the past 3 years it’s one of my favourite sports

40476 -
modify delete 40584 - Reply from Laura255 , 14 yrs (Ireland) - 2017-11-03

I play netball at school sometimes, but I am not tall enough to play at a very high level.

modify delete 40422 - from Anastasia131 , 13 yrs (China) - 2017-10-07
Sports - "Swimming and Soccer"

Hey,guys.I am Anastasia and i really like play soccer and swimming even i am a girl.I am a member of our school swimming team and soccer team,I wanna some friends who like swimming ,soccer or other sports.

40422 -
modify delete 41776 - Reply from Tenley77 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2018-10-31

I love soccer, volleyball, and swimming to, but I am not very good at swimming.

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