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19840 -
modifier supprimer 19998 - Réponse de Bugra209 , 13 ans (TURKEY) - 2017-07-13

Hi I think all the human history periot is just a second in cosmic time. So after a cosmic second there will be no life in the world as we know.

19840 -
modifier supprimer 19949 - Réponse de axi54 , 16 ans (Greece) - 2017-05-22

yes absolutely

19840 -
modifier supprimer 19946 - Réponse de Denis246 , 17 ans (Indonesia) - 2017-05-18

I also want debating about that. If you want I will debate with you

19840 -
modifier supprimer 19847 - Réponse de Camille216 (France) - 2017-02-20

Hi !
I'm crazy about science of the universe and want to speak about this with other people.
You can send me a message !

modifier supprimer 19804 - de karan67 , 17 ans (india) - 2017-01-13
Physique Chimie - "help"

hey, every one physics is my favourite subject. if you have any problem, you asked me.

modifier supprimer 19777 - de Sofia125 , 11 ans (Trinidad and Tobago) - 2016-12-14
Physique Chimie - "I might be 11 but I know some Science."

I might be 11 but I know some things about science. Not just General or Agricultural. I mean Chemistry and Physics. Since everyone in my family took or is taking the Physics/Chemistry Course I picked up some lessons from them.
I can also help with English :P ^^
I have taken extra lessons in Language Arts, so I would think my vocabulary is of high standard. Not saying I'm the best though...

19777 -
modifier supprimer 19779 - Réponse de Sofia125 , 11 ans (Trinidad and Tobago) - 2016-12-15

Thanks ^^ I will.

19777 -
modifier supprimer 19778 - Réponse de Altol51 , 17 ans (S.Korea) - 2016-12-15

Hi Sofia:) Wow!! All of your familiy members are now in Physics/Chem course?? That's nice!! I'm studying for university enrollment(Have you heard of KAIST? It's quite famous in Korea) and I wanna major in chemistry. If you have some questions to me, please feel free to ask!! I'll try my best to answer it:D

modifier supprimer 19755 - de sallqy86 , 16 ans (China) - 2016-11-18
Physique Chimie - "physics"

Hi.I am sallqy. I am weak at physics.😭 Could someone help me.
I'm looking forward to your reply.

19755 -
modifier supprimer 20293 - Réponse de Sun155 (China) - 2018-09-22

Nice to meet you!I am an senior high school student in China.May I can help you to improve your physics level(For example,I know a lot on Mechanics,Thermodynamics)

19755 -
modifier supprimer 20144 - Réponse de Lola170 , 15 ans (Argentina ) - 2017-12-17

I’m studying chemistry and physics, if You need help with them, feel free to contact me!

modifier supprimer 19747 - de Linda127 , 13 ans (USA) - 2016-11-14
Physique Chimie - "Physics"

I may be young but when I grow up I want to be a physicist.If their is anything I could do to help me prepare for that then feel free to tell me.

modifier supprimer 19737 - de Lola244 , 16 ans (Hong Kong) - 2016-11-05
Physique Chimie - "Can somebody help me in physics?"

Hi!I am close to my exams and I hope somebody could help me with my physics,because I am very weak at it (TAT) It's okay if you are not very good, it helps a lot enen if you could teach me a little about it. Thanks!

19737 -
modifier supprimer 19950 - Réponse de axi54 , 16 ans (Greece) - 2017-05-22


modifier supprimer 19629 - de abdo132 , 24 ans (maroc) - 2016-07-22
Physique Chimie - "salut à tous"

Je suis un étudiant en master chimie à la faculté des sciences à rabat (maroc )...

modifier supprimer 19547 - de Sandy226 (India) - 2016-05-07
Physique Chimie - "Please, help me in physics......"

Hi! I'm going to university this year, I want some help in learning physics.
I'm really a lot weak in it..... but I want to major it 'cuz I like it....
I need a penpal whose good in it...

19547 -
modifier supprimer 19988 - Réponse de Gursafal90 , 18 ans (India) - 2017-07-03

I could help you

modifier supprimer 19504 - de Connor158 (Great Britain) - 2016-03-12
Physique Chimie - "Chemistry"

For those in the UK, Im doing GCSE Chemistry, I have a deep interest in Chemistry and Physics. Can anyone Help me with Balancing Chemical Equations?

19504 -
modifier supprimer 19696 - Réponse de Alex9 , 14 ans (Britain) - 2016-09-19

Hello i just saw your post... i may only be 14 but i madly love doing chemistry equations and trying to balance them, im always just a email away if you would like me to help you, i do triple science so yea

19504 -
modifier supprimer 19540 - Réponse de Τ13 (Öйú) - 2016-04-30

l am a student in senior high school.l like Chemistry and Physics too.We can learn together

modifier supprimer 19480 - de yan72 , 24 ans (China) - 2016-02-26
Physique Chimie - "Find friends"

Hello everyone,I am from China.My major is Inorganic Chemistry. Now, I 'm studying for a master's degree.So,I hope to become friends with you,and common learn each other.

19480 -
modifier supprimer 19496 - Réponse de Janaiya77 , 9 ans (USA) - 2016-03-08

I love science What is like there????. I like to visit China some time

modifier supprimer 19448 - de anahita122 , 9 ans (texas) - 2016-01-24
Physique Chimie - "Please teach me Physics!"

i want to learn Physics, because i'm going to move to Germany soon, i don't want to go to school there. My dad says if i pass the GED, i don't have to go to school.

Please help me!

19448 -
modifier supprimer 19510 - Réponse de Pavel33 , 16 ans (Russia) - 2016-03-21

Oh, sorry, *cheat notes

19448 -
modifier supprimer 19509 - Réponse de Pavel33 , 16 ans (Russia) - 2016-03-21

Hey, Anahita!
U can use heat notes for explame. Also u can find many articles on WikiHow about exam preparation and study of the whole.
Good luck, Anahita, i hope u can move to Germany school.

modifier supprimer 19432 - de Fredrik174 , 20 ans (norway) - 2016-01-04
Physique Chimie - "Penpal"

hi, im on my second semester at the university studying chemistry and physics. I need a penpal who is good in this.

19432 -
modifier supprimer 19549 - Réponse de Manon195 , 21 ans (France) - 2016-05-07


I am a french engineer and I can help you in chemistry or in physics if you want.

Don't hesitate to contact me at : manon7500@gmail.com, I will do my best to help you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

modifier supprimer 19424 - de Minerva29 , 13 ans (United States) - 2015-12-29
Physique Chimie - "Hello"

Hi! If anyone is interested in:

The Many Worlds Interpretation Theory
Quantum Levitation
Quantum Entanglement
Schrodinger's Cat

Then please feel free to sent me a message about them!

19424 -
modifier supprimer 19481 - Réponse de yan72 , 24 ans (China) - 2016-02-26

My name is Yan.I come from China.My major is Chemistry,so I learn something about the Quantum Chemistry.But,it's a obstacle for me.I think the theory is so difficult to understand,especially the Schrodinger's Cat .

19424 -
modifier supprimer 19435 - Réponse de Hwan sung119 (korea) - 2016-01-09

Hi, this is korean guy, hwan sung. just call me paul plz.
i'm surprised that ur writing is about quantum physics.
i'm interested in it, especially schrodinger's cat.
i don't care how ur age is.
can u explain that to me???

modifier supprimer 19413 - de Rianne81 , 16 ans (Netherlands) - 2015-12-20
Physique Chimie - "Medicine"

Are there any fellow medical-junkies here? :P
People who are thinking of going to medical school or who are already in medical school?
I would love to hear from you :)

ps. Don't get me wrong, by medical-junkies I mean those of us who love to know everything about medicine, no real addictions involved ;)

19413 -
modifier supprimer 20002 - Réponse de Gordon81 , 47 ans (united kingdom) - 2017-07-24

Hi There, i am Gordon from scotland i would like to steer you in the right way for your subject. Thanks Gordon

19413 -
modifier supprimer 19491 - Réponse de rhiannon2 , 16 ans (Australia) - 2016-03-07

Hey! I'm 16, Australian and looking to go to medschool in 2018!

modifier supprimer 19377 - de James149 , 17 ans (United Kingdom) - 2015-11-21
Physique Chimie - "¿Alguién gustaría ser médico?"

Soy intera la química y me gustaría ser médico. ¿Se gustaría chatear conmigo sobre estos temas?

19377 -
modifier supprimer 19380 - Réponse de James149 (United Kingdom) - 2015-11-22

*me interesa

modifier supprimer 17720 - de Naomi24 (France) - 2015-05-29
Physique Chimie - "neurologie"

hi !
I was wondering if anyone likes neurosciences as much as I do ( I'm pretty much of a neurologie geek/ nerd or wathever yo want to call it )
If you do like it then I'll be glad to hear it. E-mail me ;)
greetings from france

17720 -
modifier supprimer 19492 - Réponse de rhiannon2 , 16 ans (Australia) - 2016-03-07

Hi! I'm 16 & from australia! I am interested in medical neurology, particularly epilepsy. I've recently been looking into stem cell research for Dravet Syndrome.

17720 -
modifier supprimer 19453 - Réponse de Kayla170 , 13 ans (USA) - 2016-02-05

Hey! What part of Neurology are you interested in?

17720 -
modifier supprimer 19412 - Réponse de Rianne81 , 16 ans (Netherlands) - 2015-12-20

I am so glad to find someone who seems just a passionated about neuroscience as I am! I am especially interested in neuropsycholgy.
I would love to hear from you and discuss some about neurology with you :)
Greetings from the Netherlands!

17720 -
modifier supprimer 19332 - Réponse de zahra8 , 26 ans (tunisie) - 2015-10-12

am intersting to neurology

modifier supprimer 17691 - de Holly29 , 14 ans (Great Britain) - 2015-04-29
Physique Chimie - "Quantum Physics"

Hi! If anyone is interested in:

The Many Worlds Interpretation Theory
Quantum Levitation
Quantum Entanglement
Schrodinger's Cat

Then please feel free to sent me a message about them!
If anyone needs English lessons, I can help with that too.

17691 -
modifier supprimer 19251 - Réponse de Grégoire93 , 21 ans (France) - 2015-08-25

Hi, I like this too, there is a french "youtuber" that made some videos about quantum theory and atoms, you can check this if you want :)


(english subtitle are available


17691 -
modifier supprimer 17743 - Réponse de Nasir125 (USA) - 2015-06-28

Wow, I am amazed at the things you are interested in, since you are only 14!!

modifier supprimer 17600 - de Carolyn84 , 18 ans (USA) - 2015-02-01
Physique Chimie - "Biology"

Hi! I'm a biomedical sciences major and I'm doing a little bit of genetics research this semester. I also speak French but I haven't taken a French class in a while so I'd really like to brush up on it. Hoping to find some fellow science nerds here! :)

17600 -
modifier supprimer 19416 - Réponse de iretomiwq167 (nigeria) - 2015-12-26

..i love genetics also....nice to find someone that shares my passion

modifier supprimer 17598 - de justina224 , 28 ans (korea) - 2015-01-28
Physique Chimie - "i want a friend who have a passion about science."

hi. i am korean. i learn ceramic art. in university, i was interested in science. because i meet some engineering student. i have eyes for combining art with science. and more important thing is improving skills of using english like native speaker.

send email bluemf88@naver.com

right now i don't have facebook or animated blog, if you contact me, i can try.

17598 -
modifier supprimer 17616 - Réponse de Paul119 (Korea) - 2015-02-13


modifier supprimer 17595 - de Christine184 , 14 ans (China) - 2015-01-17
Physique Chimie - "hey"

hey,I am Christen,I want to talk with you about phymics

17595 -
modifier supprimer 19989 - Réponse de Gursafal90 , 18 ans (India) - 2017-07-03

So what do you want to talk about

17595 -
modifier supprimer 17669 - Réponse de Sophie218 , 9 ans (Australia) - 2015-04-09

Hey I'm only 9

modifier supprimer 17530 - de Aki102 , 26 ans (Sweden) - 2014-12-14
Physique Chimie - "Math and Physics"

I am a theoretical physics master student who is experienced in teaching maths and physics. If anyone needs help or just wants to discuss it, please let me know :)

17530 -
modifier supprimer 20167 - Réponse de andi215 , 15 ans (indonesia) - 2018-01-28

I need help in math. I can be math but sometimes I also have problems in math. will you help me?

17530 -
modifier supprimer 19841 - Réponse de Cynthia202 , 14 ans (South Korea) - 2017-02-19

Hello! I need some help in mathematics. I can do math but sometimes I have problems with understanding it...

17530 -
modifier supprimer 19503 - Réponse de Afnan254 , 16 ans (UK) - 2016-03-12

Hi, I need a lot of help in maths. My exam board is edexcel and I need to brush up on statistics and core 1, I understand core 2. If you could help me that would be most appreciated.

17530 -
modifier supprimer 19309 - Réponse de Victor145 (Nigeria) - 2015-10-03

Hello, nice to have read that you're interested in theoretical physics. I would love to discuss more on this. My email address: victormiracleafigbo@yahoo.com

17530 -
modifier supprimer 17713 - Réponse de Franklin130 , 25 ans (Ecuador) - 2015-05-19

Hummm... I just want to say that you are cool.

17530 -
modifier supprimer 17629 - Réponse de Edwin145 , 26 ans (Kenya) - 2015-02-25

Hi buddy I will be happy to assist each other.

17530 -
modifier supprimer 17571 - Réponse de Paul119 (Korea) - 2015-01-11

That's right. I plan to go to a university for it, especially about nuclear fusion gernearting system.

17530 -
modifier supprimer 17565 - Réponse de Aki25 , 26 ans (Japan) - 2015-01-08

Hi, nice to hear you being interested in physics! Do you plan to go to a university for it?

17530 -
modifier supprimer 17559 - Réponse de Paul78 , 16 ans (Korea) - 2015-01-07

Hi, i hope to be a physicist. And i'm interested in Enstein's theory. I hope you can reply.

17530 -
modifier supprimer 17532 - Réponse de kosskam145 (Benin) - 2014-12-18

hi. réal pleasure to know you. Thanks. you can email me.

modifier supprimer 17519 - de kosskam145 (Bénin) - 2014-12-11
Physique Chimie - "Informations"

Hello, i am an electrical engineer in Benin. so for your questions in physics or chemistry, i Can help you, even though it is maths. send me your problems by mails. Thanks.

modifier supprimer 17506 - de smc fsa143 , 24 ans (France) - 2014-11-26


modifier supprimer 17466 - de B.H.193 (U.S.) - 2014-11-03
Physique Chimie - "Physical Science quesiton"

An airplane has a takeoff speed of 80 m/s which it reaches 35s after starting from rest. What is the minimum length of the runway?

17466 -
modifier supprimer 19990 - Réponse de Gursafal90 , 18 ans (India) - 2017-07-03

let v=80m/s
we know that v=u+at
so 80=0+a*35
so a=80/35
now s=ut+(0.5)at^2
after plugging the values you get s(distance)= 1400m

17466 -
modifier supprimer 17702 - Réponse de Anthony175 (France) - 2015-05-04

Is an aircraft able to land on 250m while flying at a speed of 180 knots ?

17466 -
modifier supprimer 17638 - Réponse de Felicity 96 (USA) - 2015-03-08

The minimum length of the runway is 400 meters. Or miles. Or whatever you meant by m.

modifier supprimer 17432 - de Andy215 , 17 ans (Indonesian) - 2014-10-15
Physique Chimie - "wanna do my homework?"

I got homework. The subject were Physic and Math. If you would help me please reply me and I'll send my homework to your email.

17432 -
modifier supprimer 20241 - Réponse de Martin235 (Burkina faso) - 2018-06-17

I would like to help you

17432 -
modifier supprimer 17719 - Réponse de Bryte145 , 17 ans (Uganda) - 2015-05-26

am ready

17432 -
modifier supprimer 17639 - Réponse de Felicity96 (USA) - 2015-03-08


modifier supprimer 17407 - de Henry167 , 16 ans (Norway) - 2014-10-02
Physique Chimie - "IB Diploma Program"

Next year, I am going to attend the IB Diploma Program. I am thinking of taking High Level Maths, High Level Physics and High Level chemistry. My big dream is to be a student at MIT. Is there anyone who share the same interests or who has experience with the IB Diploma Program?

17407 -
modifier supprimer 17421 - Réponse de Capucine83 , 17 ans (canada) - 2014-10-11

Hi my name is Capucine, I'm from France but I live in Canada. I'm actually in the IB program, with avanced maths, physics and chemestry. It's really nice but you really have to be motivated and to be well organisated :) sorry for my English :S

modifier supprimer 17349 - de Melissa165 , 9 ans (England) - 2014-08-08
Physique Chimie - "Science"

I am a big science nerd. I have converted my wardrobe into a science lab where I do experiments and think i just do science stuff.

17349 -
modifier supprimer 17520 - Réponse de Géssica24 (Brasil) - 2014-12-11

I am not a neeerd, but I love science. We can be friends and share experiments. I am creating a school project to implement more pratical experiences at classes

Sorry, my English is not perfect haha ;)


17349 -
modifier supprimer 17417 - Réponse de Justine210 , 10 ans (Great Britain) - 2014-10-09

Hello, I like Sience a lot and wish we could be fiends.

17349 -
modifier supprimer 17378 - Réponse de Sebatana Alfred145 , 18 ans (South Africa) - 2014-09-13

I am also a science leaner at High school,I love science very well.
>TO invant (Battery without internal resistance (r)
>TO invant (new non fuel Transport)
i need a partner who will help with restruction and preferences.

17349 -
modifier supprimer 17377 - Réponse de ashanti237 , 11 ans (United States) - 2014-09-13

I am a science nerd tooo we can be the best of friends,you know what lets become penpals

modifier supprimer 17272 - de Sékou145 , 19 ans (Burkina Faso) - 2014-05-21
Physique Chimie - "Recherche de Correspondant"

Je suis élève en Serie Scientifique, j'aime la Science de la Vie et de la Terre que je voudrais avoir un correspondant qui, nous pouvons s'ameliorer notre connaissance sur ce matière.

modifier supprimer 17252 - de Tolga247 , 16 ans (Belgium) - 2014-05-05
Physique Chimie - "Biologie/Biology"

Bonjour ,
Est-ce qu'il y aurait quelqu'un qui puisse m'aider à approfondir dans le domaine de la biologie : je suis beaucoup plus intéressé par tous ce qui est régulation hormonal , de la glycémie , ... Bref , régulation de l'homéostasie (je ne sais pas si ça se dit ...) , ou encore la transmission nerveuse , ... Et encore plus , Je suis moins intéressé par la chimie mais ça reste tout de même un domaine qui me plaît , de même pour la physique qui me paraît un peu plus difficile ...

Hi guys ,
is there someone to help me to improve in my "subjects mains" (Biology , chemistry , Physic) i'd like to be a doctor later and i'm interrested by the hormonal regulation , ... i can't speak english and i'd like to improve too ...

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