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who won the wwe title 2008 armegedon?

  tripple h
  randy orton

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Who came back and won the royal rumbble 2009?

  john cena
  randy orton
  tripple h
  the undertaker

Question 3 / 6
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Who was the first undisputed champ?

  chris jericho
  tripple h
  the tock
  stone cold

Question 4 / 6
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Who did hbk turn on in the barbershop at wwe?

  john cena
  the sexy twins
  the rockers

Question 5 / 6
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who came to every royal rumble of wwe until 2008?

  hulk hogan
  stone cold
  the rock
  charlie haas

Question 6 / 6
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what were the three eras?

  the attitude era
  the hardcore era
  the pg era
  the rage era
  the dominate era
  the federation era

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