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marine (france) - 13/02/2004 : i m gonna bali in april. if yu have advises to tell me ...? see you soon !i ll tell you !
ldoek (France) - 26/02/2004 : Je veux des informations sur le thé en Indonésie
r.van \'tland (netherlands) - 10/03/2004 : please send me a plan from your aiport thanks r. van 'tland
chelsea (USA) - 10/05/2004 : I am doing reserch on Indonesia and it looks like a beautiful country!!
Vianney (FRANCE) - 17/05/2004 : Bonjour à tous! J'ai vu un reportage sur les Orangs Outans il y a quelques jours et j'ai été imprésionné par leur intéligence et par leur ressemblence avec les humains! Je trouve dommage que cette fabuleuse éspèce soit en voie d'extinction à cause de la déforestation, notemment en Indonésie où le gouvernement ne semble rien faire pour empecher ça... Plus tard je voudrais me battre pour la survie de cette éspèce(une vocation est née! lol).On voit chaqueannée disparaitre plusieurs dizaines d'éspèces protégées et pourtant il n'y a presque rien de fait et nombreux sont ceux qui restent les bras croisés à regarder faire... je suis scandalisé par ça! Bon, @+! tcho tcho
tiffany miller (indonesia) - 17/05/2004 : i am in a scool project on countrys and mine is indonesia and if you can help me and send pics of indonesian girls or woman that show there whole outfit
jerry (australia) - 21/07/2004 : i love bali!its the best place in the world!if you have any pics of gardens it would be great if you send them to me!
abdul rauf (pakistan) - 11/08/2004 : indonesia is good country but i m sorry to know that aceh is big problem tobe solved as hurry as could. also people far from teachings of islam thats why there are clashes evry day
arika (indonesia) - 21/08/2004 : In Indonesia,the comfortable place is Bali,cos there you are very relax,Jakarta is Big and nice there are cool shopping malls such as Plasa Senayan,Kelapa Gading,Pondok Indah,Mat Taman Anggrek,EX Center,Plasa Indonesia,Plasa Semanggi and more.Indonesia is a big country...
Hadi (Indonesia) - 14/10/2004 : Indonesia is a beautiful country..i love my country! Only that the infrastructure, public transport and public services are not good enough.. Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia, and we have a lot of shopping centers here, foods are great! If you wanna come to Jakarta - especially for girls :), please contact me.. ciaooooooooo
raisa (indonesia) - 25/10/2004 : indonesia is a great coutry...The bad things you saw in the tabloid or television is not 100% true, you should come, and see for yourselves...Enjoy!!
() - 30/10/2004 :
() - 30/10/2004 :
lashanda (united states) - 12/11/2004 : yes i like indonesia
lia (indonesia) - 26/12/2004 : cool, but i'm a it disappointed with my country. But if you guys have any project about indonesia, send me emails cause i know lots about my own country. Dah
lia (indonesia) - 26/12/2004 : oh ya, if u like bali, i can dance its traditional dance too, i can teach u if u want, lol
jojo (usa) - 10/01/2005 : i love indonesia, i'm even doing a report on it!
YeasY (Indonesia) - 22/01/2005 : i Love mY couNtry very much,,,if u like to Travell u can cHosee Indonesia,,coz indonesia is a beautiful Country especially Bali,,u can spend ur holiday here,,Indonsia have various Cultere,,u have to come and see my loveLy country,,bubyeee
Nick (Canada) - 23/01/2005 : Bonjour je fais un projet avec des amis pour lecole sur l'indonesie jai besoin dinfo sur la monnaie et aussi sur pourquoi ils ont choisi ces couleurs la pour le drapeau (info pas facil a trouver)
Alicia (United states) - 28/02/2005 : I'm doing a report on Indonesia Who is the ruler of indonesia
Elisha (Australia) - 23/03/2005 : My Indonesian class here is doing a project on the tourist sites on Indonesia.Can anyone help me?
Elisha (Australia) - 23/03/2005 : ...Is Anyone there?
Araya (Ethiopia ) - 14/04/2005 : hello do you want to know about ethiopia if you please write me soon with my e-mail i am so interested to know about your mother land endonesia
lia (indonesia) - 15/04/2005 : yes, Elisha if I'm not too late...
tyas (indonesia) - 22/04/2005 : i proud with my country..(ha..ha very simple).i just wanna tell u that indonesia have many cool(of course beautiful)island,not just bali.we also have'lombok'this place paradise for surfer.bunaken with their reef.and...umm...i'm waiting u in
Hard (Reality) - 11/05/2005 : I just wanna tell that there are a lot of religious extremists in Indonesia (remember the bombs in Bali, Jakarta, etc... etc...); that there are 40 millions of jobless people (wich explains why there are so many thieves over there); that corruption is almost the number one in the world; that most indonesians don't believe Darwin's Theory of Evolution (which is the basic to any science related to life); that they have a ghost hunters team on TV; that a foreigner will never be allowed to buy a house in his own name... nice country, indeed... !
elin (indonesia) - 07/08/2005 : indonesia is a good country to visit in this country just like toba lake, tamgkuban perahu and many more,in this country people is very kind
rahma (Indonesia) - 25/09/2005 : I LOVE's my best country. Right or's my country...I hope I can give great constribution for my country...
Solenn (France) - 01/10/2005 : J'ai passé 4 mois à l'université en Indonesie et j'ai découvert des gens hors-du-commun tant ils sont généreux et curieux, mais aussi des paysages à Sumatra, Java et Bali qui laissent sans voix... Tant de choses à dire... Bref, allez-y!
jinano (france ) - 16/10/2005 : i m looking for a pic that has indonesian woman or girl wearring culture clothing , can u plz tell me where can i find it ? thanx have a nice day
Bimo hernowo (germany) - 13/11/2005 : Look at our beauty of Bhineka Tunggal Ika, with uniqueness of ethnics, various cultures and local languanges in one Indonesia.
Nugie (Indonesia) - 02/08/2006 : Indonesia is really truly Asia..because Indonesia has more than 300 traditional language, more than 1200 culture, and various religion and habit.But, they're live happily in Indonesia.Indonesia was a special place.
Morgan (USA) - 03/08/2006 : Indonesia sounds pretty... On the news in Indonesia there were 1 tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2005 we had to raise money for the Tsunami victums that was cool I like doing that to help people out..I think we raised 1000 something from my school. And then in 2006 this year there was another one I feel bad for people in Indonesia Tsunamis are big gallons of water they come because its little volcano's that errupt under the ocean and causes big waves to come.. I pray for all the people in the World God Bless
Sallie (Indonesia) - 13/09/2006 : people looking for info about indonesia when u want to travel here. i might be a help. u can contact me. it is truly a beautiful country in a way. we have many great natures to enjoy and big city to see around.
Casey (USA) - 20/10/2006 : Hey!Iam doing a really really big project on Indonesia. And I need some certain Information.So if anyone could help then please email me. Its!!!!Thanx!
Raden Gajah Seno (Jakarta, Indonesia) - 08/11/2006 : Merupakan suatu berkah menjadi orang Indonesia. Maka sepantasnyalah berbuat baik bagi tanah air Indonesia Raya. Thanks God I'm Indonesian. Indonesia is a gift from God. Indonesia is like a gold that shines over the world. Peoples many years ago came and take the 'gold' from Indonesia. Gusti, sembah nuwun kawulo dados tiyang Nuswantoro kang endah lan sugih meniko.
Dewi (U.S.A) - 27/01/2007 : I am from Colorado my parents are from Indonesia.Indonesia is a really pretty country. It looks like is really BEAUTIFUL!
Gerardo Gustil Lintang Ks (Indonesia) - 03/03/2007 : Indonesia like a heaven places.There are many trees with many fruits.All fruits are sweet. If many black birds stolen them. Indoneisa still growing up, the trees are still produce more sweet fruits. I love to be Indonesian. Someday I will be big, and save may Indonesia with my arm and may mind. And my GOD will be my power.
sana (pakistan ) - 01/05/2007 : hello sir i am sana,ur,rehman from pakistan i want see bali photo pls send me
Mohammed (Palestine) - 20/06/2007 : Hello Indonesia, I am very sad for you because you have the tsunami attacks, God help you and you have a beautiful country !!
rhy (ind) - 22/09/2007 : hi all,1st...Indonesia is about approx more 13000 islands and not only Bali OK. And more than 6000 different culture and specific languages that bring it a very very unique that maybe will not be found anywhere in this universe :-) not just that, it is a culinary paradiso, u'll find a huge kind of exotic taste that will never forgoten...hmmm IT IS MY COUNTRY !!!!! :-)
brad (USA) - 26/10/2007 : For you who need more information regarding tourism on indonesia:
Ha (Vietnam) - 29/10/2007 : Hello! I'm going to Indonesia in Nov and I'd like to know more inf. about your country, money, places to go, what to buy,etc. Tnk.
di (indonesia) - 05/04/2008 : i've lived here in indonesia all my life. whatever happened here, i love it with all my soul
r happened here, i love it with all my soul
Mariama (France) - 13/02/2016 : J'aimerais aller en Indonésie si quelqu'un qui y habite ou qui y est aller pouvais m'envoyer un message pour plus de renseignement merci :)
Adinda Riski (Indonesia) - 27/03/2016 : if you want to go to Indonesia, if you really want to go there aim for look at her local dance or try Indonesian food. in Indonesia are also many beautiful sights such as the beach, but you must be careful with the south coast

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