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Lycee Francais La Fontaine de Niamey

Olivier Cousinie - English Teacher and Head of English Department -

Bonjour! Fofo! Hi everyone! Welcome!

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The Lycee La Fontaine aka LAF is located in Subsaharan Africa in Niamey, the capital city of Niger. Do not confuse Niger - a former French colony where the official language is French- with Nigeria whose capital is Abuja and main city Lagos!!

Our school has classes ranging from Kindergarten to Senior Year High School and our students here prepare both the Diplome National du Brevet (DNB = roughly equivalent to the British GCSE's) in 9th grade and the Baccalaureat in Terminale (Senior Year).

There are about 850 students in our school and many nationalities are represented: Nigerien, French, Lebanese, American, Belgian, Swiss, Belarus, Congolese, Burkinabe, Senegalese... Most of the students are Nigerien.

I'm the Head of the Foreign Languages Department. At LAF, students can choose to study three foreign languages: English, Spanish or German. 100% of our students study English.

I would like my students to be able to speak English with English native speakers.
Therefore, I would be interested in finding a school to establish a partnership that could start virtually and end up with an exchange program.

A school trip could be organized and students would thus be able to meet in person.

Families here can host students very easily (big houses, ususally with swimming pools and private bedroom/bathroom.) The weather is hot all year round and the temperatures hardly drop below 15 degrees celsius (59F) in the winter at night. During the day, it's never less than 30 degrees celsius (86F) all year round!!

Feel free to contact me!!

Hope to hear from you guys!!

Kala Tonton!! ( = See you soon - in Zarma - one of the local languages of Niger!)

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