Paintball!! Any fans?!

This is the XSV logo!!! Hurray for them!!!!!!! GO XSV GO!! GO XSV GO!!!

Nice getting down!! That's the way to do it!!

This is A good picture!! I like the way he's just reaching out to get the pod.. 'cos he's outta paintballs!

This is Greg hastings in all that Protection!! Mwahaha whan I play I put on MORE protection!!! Hurray for him and how he's getting away form the enemy even though he's tring to get them!
Ok so I like paintbal1!! any other people!? I especialy like XSV!! And my fvaorite team member is Nicky Cuba & Greg Hastings & Nicky Vegas!! I know it's alot but can i be to blame?!

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Paintball!! Any fans?! (Sport)    -    Author : Nicholas - USA

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