This page is dedicated to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). I have been a fan of wrestling ever since I was 5. I always watched WCW, but when I found the WWF (now WWE) I just fell in love with it. The action, the acting, the storylines are all what makes the WWE the most famous of all Sports Entertainment.

Rey misteriyo-619

Batista in smakdown.

When a steel cage just isn't enough to settle a long-standing rivalry, the Hell in a Cell is usually brought in. In a Hell in a Cell Match the ring is surrounded by a steel cage, but unlike a normal cage, it does not rest on the ring. Instead, it goes all the way down to the floor, leaving about six feet of space in between the cage and the ring. There is also a roof on the cage, so there is virtually no way out. A winner is determined by pinfall or submission. There are no disqualifications or count-outs.

john cena's rival carlito gettin slamed

(he is a HHH)
Hes got tow words for ya Suck It! and Hes the other half of D Generation X

Johon cena.
you cant see me

This is WWE champ randy orten Hes the Legend Killer
Randy Orton. He is a new wwe champ

Jeff HardyStats Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 225 pounds
From: Cameron, N.C.
Signature Move: Swanton Bomb, Whisper in the Wind, Twist of Fate
Career Highlights: World Tag Team Champion; Intercontinental Champion; Hardcore Champion; European Champion; Light Heavyweight Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion Associates: Matt Hardy
WWE Debut: 1993
Trained By: Dory Funk, Jr., Michael Hayes
Entrance Video: WATCH

jeff hardy

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