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Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale

Pets:Ashley just bought a puppy(AMaltipoo)and named it Blondie
(her nickname on the show)
siblings:She has a older sister Jennifer who is also a actress, and isher best friend.
Fav food:Ashley loves sushi and pizza.
Fav ride on Disneyland:Pirates of the Caribbean
Fav Movies:peter pan(with Jeremy Sumpter),Just married,and Ashley's best friend
fav clothes:Diesel,Bebe,urban otfits
fav place to have fun:Ashley loves shopping
Fav music group: Ashley favorite artist is Billy Joel but her favorite music group is "The Used"
Fav thing about actors:Jhonny Depp,Leonardo Dicaprio,Julia Roberts,and Britt any Murphu
Ashley fav disney Chartor:TinkerbellShe always loved Tinkerbell cuz Peterpan is her favorite movie
ashley one true favorite:Ashley's family
favrite song from high school musical:"breaking free"

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awwwww they look so pretty

Lets party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't she look cute in her dress.

I took a picture from the home page of


Ashley has cute clothes. Does she?

Ashley is a star and #1

They are great friends.

They look cute its so pretty.

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They are buddys

Ashley is a Star


Look at Blondie and Ashley

Dont ever give up

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