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?Miley Cyrus?

Facts About Miley/Hannah!

1. She is really great! {You all know that}
2. Miley is unique!
3. She Hates Math and History...
4. As Hannah and Miley, shes a great singer!
5. She Loves To Express Herself in Many Ways!
Favorites and about Herself {Many Many Stuff}
Birth Name: Destiny Hope Cyrus
Hair as Miley: Brown
Hair as Hannah: Blonde
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
BFFS: Tory,Lesley & her mom
Talents: Acting,Singing,Dancing,Writing Songs
Eyes: Green/Blue
Professional Name: Miley Cyrus
Righty or Lefty: Miley is Righty
Parents: Billy Ray Cyrus and Letica
Instrument: Guitar
Siblings: Trace/Older Brandi Braison/Younger Noah/Younger
Current Residence: LA,Ca and a 500 arce farm in TN
Fav Author: Roald Dah
Book: Dont Die My Love
Type Of Music: Pop Rock
Childhood Book: Little Ballerina
Fav Actor: Herself Duh! and Orlando Bloom
Chewing Gum: Orbit
Cookie: Sugar Cookie
Candy: Dots and Starburst
Animal: Dog
Role Model: Her mom
Studio Snacks: Carmel frappuccions, Chex Mix, Spinach artichoke Dip
Sound: Rain Hitting The Ground
Board Game: Trouble
Sport: Cheerleading {most of u kno that}
Fashion Style: Casul T-shirts, sweats, Hoddie Jackets, UGGS
Clothing Item: Shoes Ooo YAAA

Here Are some aprearances Miley been to....

Hannah Montana BOBW Concert Movie Premire
Date: 01/17/08

On Air w/ Ryan Seacrest
Date: 01/17/08

Visting Georgetown UMC and Childrens Hospital
Date: 01/06/08

Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year
Date: 12/31/07

Mamma Mia on Broadway
Date: 12/23/07

Teen Vouge Young Hollywood Party
Date: 09/20/07

Creative Arts Emmy Awards
Date: 09/08/07

Teen Choice Awards
Date: 08/26/07

High School Musical 2 Premire
Date: 08/14/07

American Music Awards
Date: 11/18/07

2007 Power of Youth Benetfiting St. Jude
Date: 10/06/07

2007 Spirt of Life Awards
Date: 9/27/07

Us Weeklys Hot Hollywood
Date: 9/26/07

JoJo on the Radio
Date: 08/03/07

Miley and her co-star Emily on Teen Magazine!

Miley lives near this Ocean!


Hannah Monatana Soundtrack!

1. The Best Of Both Worlds
2. Who Said
3. Just Like You
4. Pumpin Up The Party
5. If We Were A Movie
6. I Got Nerve
7. The Other Side Of Me
8. This Is The Life
9. I Learned From You w/ Billy Ray

Hannah Montana 2 : Meet Miley Cyrus

Disc 1
1. We Got The Party With us
2. Nobodys Perfect
3. Make Some Noise
4. Rock Star
5. Old Blue Jeans
6. Lifes What You Make It
7 One In A Millon
8. Bigger Than Us
9. You And Me Together
10. True Friends

Disc 2
1. See You Agian
2. East Northumberland High
3. Lets Dance
4. Girls Night Out
5. Right Here
6. As I Am
7. Start All Over
8. Clear
9. Good And Broken
10. I Miss You

Misc Albums

Bone Dance
I Learned From You
Part Of Your World
Ready Set Dont Go {W/ Billy Ray}

Miley Cyrus Is really wonderful!

This Is Miley Through The years {starting from left 1 year old,6 year old,10 year old,12 year old and 14 year old

.. MILEY ..

Emily Osment,Jason Earles,Miley Cyrus,Billy Ray Cyrus, Mitchel Musso

Awww.. So cute.. Together

Bye-Bye g2g see my other blogs!

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