One Direction < 3 - Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson!



That's Quite A Sexy Face Lou

I Always Fall In Love With Louis' Smile <3

-after watching New Moon he pretended to be Edward Cullen for the rest of the night
-would date a fan
-once showed his bum to his head teacher
-if he was a fan he would fancy Harry
-is 5"9
-dates no younger than 17
-loves shopping but wont admit it
-plays piano
-born December 24th 1991
-likes girls who eats carrots
-is very silly in their video diarys
-very loud
-dream valentine is Harry Styles
-pulled down Nialls pants in a service station
-calls his mum most nights
-has a picture on his night stand of him and Harry
-dislikes cheesy chat up lines and baked beans
-if he could go anywhere in the world it would be Naria
-twitter backround is standard bakround


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