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What is a Forest?

Forest is a place where trees grow closely everywhere. Forests cover 1/3 of the land on Earth. There are Northern Coniferous Forests, Deciduous Forests, and Tropical Rain Forests.
Where can I find Forests?
Forests are found in:- Africa
- Asia
- Australia
- Europe
- North America
- South America
What kind of plants will I find in the forests?

~Sequoia trees
~Pink rhododendrons
~Evergreen trees
~Moss(not consider as plants)
~Lichen(not conseider as plants)
~Strawberries(one of the kinds of berries)
~Truffles(special mushrooms)
~Mushrooms(not consider as plants)
~Mapple trees
~Tamarack trees(a kind of evergreen trees)
~Pitcher plant
~Bromeliad plants
~Ipe trees
~The titan arum
~Ginkgo trees
What kind of animals will I find in the forests?

~Capuchin monkey
~Forest spiders
~Snowshoe hare
~Snow geese
~Tree kangaroo
~Orpendula birds
~Forest elephants
~Tree frogs
~Blue morpho butterfly
~Howler monkey
~Humming birds
~Sloths seldom
~Leaf-mimic katidy
~Emerald tree boa(a type of snake)
~Sumatran rhinoceros
~Glass frogs
~Fat dormouse
~Goliath spider

Amazon Rainforest




Forest Animals




Rainforest Animals
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Rainforest green boa snake

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