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Like everything should, my blog has rules!
1...Do NOT type in cuss words on MY forum! They WILL be deleted!
2...If you feel the need to tell me you don't like one of my stories on my forum, I would prefer if you said "Mimi your story ________,was not very good" NOT "Mimi, just give up writing, you suck, I wish your story __________, would jump off a building.
3...When you are entering a story it MUST be on the writers specialized Forum! Title it Story for Mimi, and then below write a paragraph about your story and if I can post it. Tell me on MY forum if you have put a story up there.
4...Please go on the forum and the survey, it is vital that you do this so I can get feedback!
5...If you want your blog advertised on here, give me permission AND a sentence or two about it on the forum!
6...I will update frequently so remember to keep on checking!
7...Have fun!

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