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If I


H If I ever leave my heart alone I'm not sure how it'll feel

E If I ever say I need to be home----It's not just my fault it's a one and only chance, and if i mess this up

H I might not know what to doooo ooooh ooooh

(end of chorus)

E oooooooo yeeaah

B Please tell me what to doooo!

H to do...


H If I

E If I

H Iiiiiif Iiiii

E ever leave my heart

H alone I'm not sure how it'll feel

B oooooo

E i'm al-o-ne

H Iiiif Iiiii

End of Me


One day differnet things will happen
You'll get sadder and family will move away
Then a long, long sleep will coem forever to stay
So if you look away from the past
Happiness has come to say
It's the end of me at last...


(end of chorusx2)

End of Me

end of me

end of me(x3)

ooooooh it's the end of me....

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