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Me doing some work

hey guys i'm back again with a new adventure.
you would never believe what my mum did to me today, she took my toys away from me and said she was washing them but then she hung them outside right under my nose.. how mean!!!. She gave me new toys but personally i thought there was nothing wrong with my old ones so i sat there under the line waiting for my toys to fall down so I could play with them again, and i waited and waited all morning for them to fall down and i was going to wait all day if i had too but my dad called me in and said it was time to work. So my next new adventure was in something dad called a garden centre! and personally I thought i did rather well although i did walk fast so I could see everything but I think i was walking too fast as my mum and dad struggled to keep up with me, oops ahwell atleast they got to see a lot of things.. flowers I think!!?. anyway whilst we was walking around my mum asked me to sit which I did and then she told me to stay which i did and then she walked away from me, just like that and I had to sit there and watch her walk away from me without moving anyways eventually she turned round and asked me to lay down which i did (rather well in my opinion)then she finally started walking towards me and when she got to me she stood in front of me and told me to "up sit" and on this command I leapt up to attention and gave my best sit where she gave me lots of praise and a treat ... woop woop, I just love food!!!After that we did a bit more walking round and then we had had enough so I got to find the car for my mum and dad, they said it was part of my training but personally I think it was because they lost the car but after that adventure they were proud of me which i love.
after my ride home in the car I had a quick nap in my bad before bouncing back to life where I got to play with my mum and dad.
so now after all that playing and working I am tired and am ready for my dinner. so I shall bounce back later with more adventures, bye for now. Rossi

me again sitting with my mum in town

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